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Production of construction materials

ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» has completed the construction of heating facilities on many factories of the country - tunnel type furnaces for baking of ceramics, porcelain and construction semiporcelain, conveyor lines for baking of ceramic wall plates, rotary furnaces for production of cement and expanded clay, lime-burning furnaces and etc.


ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» manufactures and install free-standing metal funnels with height up to 75 meters. Also we carry out the repair and construction of brick-built funnels.

Boiling facilities

ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» carries out the lining with refractory bricks, sectional repair of bricking or complete renewal of bricking for new steam and water boilers for all the branches of industry. Our company has been working in cooperation and carried out the repair works of bricking of boilers for ООО «VLK», АО «International Paper», ООО «PG «Phosphorit» and many others for many years.

Ecological objects

By order of GUP «Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg» we have carried out the lining of four fluidized layer furnaces with waste-heat boilers and installation of funnel for the slimy precipitate burning plant CSA on Beliy island, also we completed the lining of three fluidized layer furnaces with waste-heat boilers and installation of three funnels for the slimy precipitate burning plant SSA in Ol'gino, in Saint Petersburg. The works were based on the project of French company «OTV».

Glass-melting industry

Heating facilities of glass-melting industry work under very high temperatures and in aggressive environment and that is why the accuracy during their installation and lining is the key to long-term and accident-free maintenance. Our specialists have carried out the construction of two glass-melting furnaces with efficiency of 320 tons of glass melt per 24 hours for ZAO «Veda-Pak» in Kingisepp from 2002 to 2007. Our company have completed the delivery of fire-proof components and materials, also carried out the construction and installation of metal constructions for furnaces and section sites (more than 600 tn for each furnace), castings, smoke extractors and dumpers of furnaces, lining works for furnaces (3000 m3 of lining for each furnace), construction of two brick-built funnels with height of 70 meters.

Chemical industry

ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» is one of the leading companies, specializing in the lining of the systems with fire bricks for the companies producing ammonia, methanol, nitrogen and phosphoric fertilizers, and also for oil refining facilities. During work performance our specialists work hand in glove with Russian and foreign design organizations, material suppliers and installation companies.

Metallurgy and engineering

Construction of furnaces for different purposes for engineering and metallurgy has always been one of the key activities of our company. ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» provide the complex of lining with fire bricks works in electric furnace steelmaking, open-hearth furnaces and acts as the general contractor during the construction and technical re-equipping of new plug-and-produce heating and heat-treating furnaces, providing turnkey construction from the designing stage up to the commissioning.