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Metallurgy and engineering

Construction of furnaces for different purposes for engineering and metallurgy has always been one of the key activities of our company.
ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» provide the complex of lining with fire bricks works in electric furnace steelmaking, open-hearth furnaces and acts as the general contractor during the construction and technical re-equipping of new plug-and-produce heating and heat-treating furnaces, providing turnkey construction from the designing stage up to the commissioning.

Technical re-equipping of gas-fired heating and two heat-treating furnaces with pull-out hearth with all works performed for the ООО «OMZ-Spetzstal'», technical re-equipping of gas-fired and electrical heating furnaces with pull-out hearth for the PJSC «Izhora factories»

Glazovsky Factory Himmash

Year of sale 2014 year

Object designation «Glazovsky Factory Himmash»

The location of object Glazov

Designation of works made Construction of heating furnace with pull-out hearth

Engineering plant ZiO-Podolsk

Year of sale 2016 year

Object designation «Engineering plant «ZiO-Podolsk»

The location of object Podolsk

Designation of works made Construction of four heating furnaces for the OJSC

PJSC «Severstal»

Year of sale 2015 year

Object designation LPZ 3 of PJSC «Severstal'»

The location of object Saint-Petersburg

Designation of works made Lining of the 54m continuous furnace and passing trucks with fire bricks

ООО «Sayanal-Rusal»

Year of sale 2011 year

Object designation ООО «Sayanal-Rusal»

The location of object Sayanogorsk

Designation of works made Lining of alloying furnaces with fire