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Construction and repair of furnaces

ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» has a great experience in both construction of industrial furnaces and modernization and repair of furnaces in all branches of industry.

Reforming furnaces

Our specialists know perfectly well the ammonia and methanol primary reforming furnaces, ammonia secondary reforming furnaces, auxiliary furnaces and waste-heat boilers – all the thermal facilities for chemical industry. Our company annually carries out a large number of repairs of such furnaces lining. In chemical and petrochemical industries the deadlines are always very strict, but as we have a great number of high-qualified specialists, mobilization speed, perfectly worked-out designs of works, cooperation with nearby installation organizations, unobjectionable execution of all industrial safety rules and perfect construction work mechanization provide the ability to meet all the strict deadlines without any quality losses, as this have always been the priority for our company. We have already fulfilled the projects of lining of the primary and secondary reforming complexes during the construction of Ammonia-4 for PJSC «Akron» in Novgorod, Ammonia-3 АО «Apatit» in Cherepovets, also the repair of lining of ammonia and methanol primary and secondary reforming furnaces forPJSC «Akron», АО «Apatit», ООО «ТОМЕТ», «KCHK» АО «Uralhim», PJSC «Toljattiazot», АО «Kemerovsky Azot», АО «SDSAzot».

The primary reforming furnace for Ammonia-4for PJSC «Akron»

Heating and heat-treating furnaces

ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» apply the most modern and producible materials and functional decisions during the construction of the furnaces. Our specialists have the great experience of working with homemade and foreign made materials and projects. In our projects we apply our decisions combined with modern lining materials that have high fire resistance and insulation parameters, made of ceramic fiber. Also we apply high quality heat proof gunites, use the recuperative gas burners. These innovations provide high economy of energy resources and rapid time to value. Our company has carried out the projects of technical re-equipping of heating and heat-treating furnaces for ООО «OMZ «Spetzstal’», PJSC «Izhora factories», construction of heating furnace with pull-out hearth for ООО «Glazovsky factory «KHIMMASH» and many others.

ООО «Glazovsky factory «Khimmash». Heating furnace.

Tunnel type furnaces

ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» carries out the turnkey construction and repair of tunnel type furnaces (installation, lining with fire bricks). We use mostly complicated shaped refractories during the construction and they can be as homemade, as foreign made. Our company has a large number of high qualified specialists that allows us to perform the works with high accuracy and in accordance with the international quality standards. We have completed the construction of tunnel type furnaces in cooperation with Lingl, Tecton, Installat, Keller.

Glass-melting furnaces

It is necessary to provide the highest installation and fire bricks lining accuracy during the construction of glass-melting furnaces and only long-term experience and high responsibility of workers and engineers provide the ability to fulfill such works.
Our company has completed the projects for ООО «Veda Pak» for construction of two glass-melting furnaces in Kingisepp city of Leningradsky district and one furnace in Ruzaevka city in Republic of Mordovia. Working capacity of these furnaces is 320 tons of glass per 24 hours, these are furnaces of «horseshoe» type with in-line configuration of two regenerators. The height of surface of melt is 1725 mm., overall project surface of melt is 163 m2, maximum project melting temperature is 1580 degrees.

Rotary furnaces

Our company managed the construction and repair works of rotary furnaces for cement, alumina, phosphoric fertilizers and brimstone production facilities such as ООО «Slancevsky factory «Cesla», ООО «PG «Phosphorit», ООО «Pikalevsky alumina factory», ZAO «International Paper» and etc. The lining of such furnaces is subjected to wear due to the high levels of vibration during rotation and chemical features of raw materials inside. Our specialists carry out the repair works of lining of such furnaces in strict deadlines, dividing the furnace into several zones and applying modern working technologies.

This is only a small list of furnaces that were managed to be constructed or repaired by ZAO «Soyuzteplostroy-Peterburg» during its almost agelong history.

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